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Inspectors who want to join may do so now. Registration is strictly monitored. This means you must be approved by the Admin.

Also, this is a fee-based board system and NOT a free, open industry forum. Three different registration levels are available. Choose the one that’s right for you.

Keep in mind that the sole job of administrators is to bring buyers of inspection services to you. When launched on May 1, the service will be heavily surfed by consumers, agents, banks, insurance companies, builders, rental owners, property managers and other inspection buyers. Marketing to these industries begins on April 1 through a variety channels and programs.

As a registered and paid member, you will be provided with the following:

  • Personal marketing thread in your state board
  • Ability to post blogs
  • Ability to embed multimedia (mp3, wmv, wma, RealMedia, YouTube video, and much more)
  • Moderator rights to modify and delete guests’ posts (within strict rules of engagement)
  • Technical support
  • Private marketing success forum
  • Access to powerful market materials
  • …more
    Registered inspector members will also be able to participate in AdClusion, a co-op advertising system where you can invite industry-related professionals to advertiser within your personal promotional thread or blogs. You keep 100% of the revenues. If you actually use AdClusion, you will be able to generate anywhere from a couple hundred dollards per year to several thousands of dollars by simply inviting advertising businesses with whom you do business on a regular basis to “piggyback” on your threads.

To learn more, visit or to learn more about the fee levels.

If you are interested in ‘early-bird’ registration, simply make your fee payment and email your desired username and password to

Remember, is NOT a general chat forum. It is specifically designed to help you receive inbound leads from people interested in getting their residential and commercial inspection questions answered and, ultimately, hiring inspectors on a LOCAL level. This is not a “pet project”, but rather, we are dedicating full-time human resources to market the usefulness of to hot markets for you.

If you have any questions about how the service works, please feel free to email or PM me.

NOTE: NACHI members will be able to sign up first. I will ask Nick to send out another membership-wide email this week.

Shouldn’t this be in another thread like Special Discounts for NACHI Members]( Or Hardware, Software & Publications]( This is Misc Discussions not sales.

Then by definition, either anything can be discussed here, or nothing at all. I assume, as I’m sure you do, that the “Miscellaneous Discussions” category on a home inspection bulletin board means the category was created for those who want to talk about anything other than home inspections. Anyway…



And the thread labeled Marketing in the Members section would probably be for marketing. To me that would be the place to go if your selling or looking for marketing…

It’s not that important. You don’t need to chastize me for posting here. This is also an appropriate location to post an announcement. Notice that the posts are in two places only: Marketing and Miscellaneous.


One might also assume it’s to discuss items for which a specific category was not or is not available. Maybe we need a new section, “Miscellaneous - without VENDORS”