Melted Siding

This is not a question, but an observation.

I think statistically about 1 in 3 houses I inspect that have vinyl siding have a 3x3 area of melted siding from setting a grill too close to the house :shock:

It’s amazing more houses don’t burn down.

I’m not sure if there are directions to prevent this on the grill or on the siding, but one would think people would just know.

But then again, they have to put warning labels on plastic toy bags and silicon packets for freshness to save people from themselves. :roll:

Sometimes it’s not a grill, sometimes it’s low e casement windows or doors reflecting light. I will find a link and post it

I think this is it, let me know if it’s not:,,20677469,00.html

Yeah, I’ve seen these videos before. Most houses I see around here don’t have those fancy filmed windows, and aren’t close enough to anything to be reflecting on it.

But what I’m talking about are for sure from a grill. It’s usually on a deck or patio, and Sometimes the grill is still there. :neutral:

Hey dummy! He’s referring to “Low Enot “Low T” !!!


oh, so that’s why those videos are free! :oops: :mrgreen: