Member asks to post this warning about MetroLab, Inc.

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***Hi Nick - ***

***I don’t if you’re the one to contact, but if you’re not maybe you can pass this along. ***

***There is a company located in Virginia called Metrolab, Inc or Metropolitan Laboratories, Inc. They got my name off your website and asked me to do a commercial inspection in Indiana. Offered a nice chunk of change and simply did not honor the contract. They will not pay. Unfortunately, to pursue the legalities across state line is too difficult, so I’m out the money. I’ve learned (inadvertently) through an e-mail sent to others who have not been paid (they cc’d to several disgruntled subs with the same email saying they’d look into the situation) that I’m not the only one. Long story short, their financial officer will not return calls, his emails bounce, it’s a runaround. I’m filing complaints with the appropriate places: attorney general, BBB, had a chat with their corporate division Secretary of State a while ago. ***

So, I don’t know if you issue warnings, but if you do you might want to warn NACHI members who might be contacted by Metrolab, Inc to be wary before they accept a job since they are using NACHI as a resource.

Joel Despain

Good advice…I’ve posted here several times recently to be very, very careful with Metropolitan Labs. Nice folks that just won’t pay their bills in a timely manner. See

Has Metrolab cleaned up their act yet?

Anyone else had dealings with them? good or bad…

Refer them to they’ll hound them till the cows come home. Be sure and provide every bit of information you have on the client to the collection agency.

Client contact information
Signed inspection contract
Report and Photos
Client Corporate information if applicable
I even take pictures of clients license plates when it’s an out of area job.
All this information will help the collection agency “HOUND” the client.

Good Luck!

You may get lucky with the BBB. You can also look up all their corporate officers,registered agent, anyone in the company, the janitor… send them each a copy of your bill, certified - delivery only to the addressee. Usually that, accompanied by phone calls is enough to get you paid just to get you to stop.
Also, if you make a “billing error” and the bill is higher than before, sometimes that will get a response!

You are right they are nice people, just won’t pay in a timely manner. I did one for them, and waited and waited to get paid. Out of the blue, I get a second call. I said I would be happy to do it IF YOU PAY ME FOR THE LAST ONE! Check shows up two days later for the first one, so I did the second. They just hit 30 days on the second one so I will call and light another fire.

Just beware.

Sounds like typical big business.

Thanks for the heads up.

Not really, they hit 96 days before paying me and only after I hounded them. I would have no problem with a net 30 or maybe even a net 45 if agreed upon up front and adhered to by them. That’s typical big business.

Many I know (especially factories) will drag it to 120 days and expect to pay no penalties or charges. :roll: They seem to get the mentality that they are big enough to make their own rules which you should abide by. Not defending them in any way. I don’t agree with it at all and frankly it upsets me. It just seems to be par for the course any more.

I wish I had read this first. Did a reconnaissance for them yesterday. Like you said, very nice folks. They said they got me off the NACHI list, after which I let my guard down. I hope they pay their bill.
Nick, they really are using NACHI as their intro to get us to do the work. It implies legitimacy, without being explicit. Not sure if our legal counsel cann do anything, like send them a letter, etc.Any way, will advise if /when i get paid.
Paul b.:roll:

They claim to pay within 30-45 days. I did a large commercial inspection for MetroLab last year and got paid on time. FYI, for any out of state clients, send a invoice with your report AND another one 15th day later addressed to “Your Contact or Accounting Dept” I do this anyways and maybe it helped in regards to my MetroLab experiance??

I spoke with my contact about this. They stated that there is only one person in accounting and on occasion they become backed up durring busy periods. They stated that if this is to happen, that a phone call to your contact will assure that pressure is placed on the accounting person and your invoice is placed as priority when made aware that it is late. I’ll give them a chance until they prove otherwise.

I’ve done a few jobs for them. The inspections were easy enough and the pay was OK for what they want. I was told they pay at 30 days, at 35 days I called and spoke to accounting, they told it was every 30 to 45 days. I receive my checks at about 40 days so far. I don’t mined the wait just so I know what’s going on.


I like the idea of the 2nd invoice, will try it. thanks for the info guys!

I did one and was told 30 days. At 40 days, I called the lady who asked me to do the inspection. She said she would handle it and call me back. No call. At 45 days, I called accounting and left a voicemail message in stern but not nasty terms. Next day I missed their call and got a message from accounting saying check was in the mail. I got the check 2 days later.