Member Bobby Hamilton wins $500,000.00 worth of cool stuff.

I am pleased to announce that member Bobby Hamilton of has just made our 500,000th post (since launching this new message board on January 1, 2006).

Bobby wins:

$500 worth of books (when the new 2nd edition comes out next week).

$500 worth of books.

$500 reporting software from Dominic

$500 credit toward insurance from

$500,000 worth of annual membership renewals at InterNACHI (basically membership for life unless Bobby lives to be very old). No, you can’t give them away.

$500,000 worth of pay-per-view online video training from NACHI.TV (basically unlimted access forever).

Congrats Bobby!

Holy Shyt!, and my wife says I spend too much time looking at the board.:mrgreen:

Thanks Nick and INACHI!

Very cool Bobby.

We’ll ship everything tomorrow except for the books which will ship end of next week. Contact Dominic to set up the HIP software. If you ever get a renewal notice in the mail, just scribble “500,000th post winner” on it and return it. Ben will email you with a username and password for lifetime access ppv training on www.NACHI.TV Contact Ben Garrison if you want to use the $500 credit. Congrats again.

Congratulations Bobby!

That is so cool Bobby congrats!

Congrats Bobby.

Great timing, congratulations!

Oh sure What a go Bobby( I am now kicking around in the dirt of a Jealous Feeling )
LOL just kidding . Congratulations .

Wow Bobby Congrats

WTG Bobby, congrats!!!

very nice

Wow - great news, great prizes. Congrats Bobby!

InterNACHI is awesome!

Holy bi-sexual liberal conservative crap!

Thank God it went to a “Real” HI post!

Way to go Bobby!

Get your dog a new bed or something too! :wink:

Wow, I can’t wait to see the ONE MILLIONth post…:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… Congrats to Bobby

Congrats Bobby!!!

Hey, Nick…

The more I read this the more I think you will want to reword this post for the benefit of the recipient.

I am not a tax lawyer, but your wording may have provided him with over a million dollars in taxable 2009 income. An award of $500,000 in 2009 to be applied toward…etc…etc…as opposed to “free membership for life” might have a different meaning to an IRS agent.

Bobby, we shipped you a box today.