Member in need of help

Hello to all friends and NACHI members;

I am writting to you today with my heart; William Rosario - NACHI member and Inspection Professor at NACHI Puerto Rico has very particular family emergency and we need your HELP.
On sunday April 1, 2007 a 2 year old child (William’s niece and god daughter) fell under a tractor’s blade while playing in the yard. This child was taken to emergency and treated. At certain point Doctors took the very important and tragic decision to sever her leg up to the knee and from this new beginning of her very short life she will need total care and a prosthetic leg. As we all know children they will grow and grow and grow so much that she will need to have a different one practically every 6 months. Her family is in need of economical help.
I ask all fellow Inspectors that can help this friend and colleage; to please contact us ASAP at (787) 747-0123 or you can write us at

I will be posting a bank account number tomorrow. If any of our fellow inspectors will like to help we will appreciate it deeply.

As always thank you for all your support and help.


I am using all of the contacts that the Foundation has made over the past two years to find additional sources for help, aid and support. She will need on going support and help for many years to come. It always sad when something like this happens to a small child and its going to be very important that she is not allowed to fall between the cracks and left to fend with little or no help.

Mary I will be in contact with you over the next few weeks with additional information. Hopefully the next time we talk it will be on a positive note.


Hi Mary, also if we could have an address where we could mail to, thanks.


Thank you Paul and Justo;

The postal address is,

NACHI de Puerto Rico
c/o William Rosario
calle Celis Aguilera # 70
Caguas, Puerto Rico 00725

And again thank you to all for support and assistance.

I’m real sorry, I will send what I can, and pray for them also. Ken

Hi Mary,

She is in our prayers and her family as well. I will send what I can.

I also just wanted to say that you probably shouldn’t post any bank account numbers. It would be better to run this through the foundation or Richard’s program if it’s up and running.

In my thoughts,

On September 9, 1996 suffered a Total Loss in our home due to Hurricane Hortense’s Flood, where we had 5’4” of water in our the Living Room. At that moment I was an employee of Digital Equipment Corporation and they prepared a help chain that surprise me and I thought I would never see something like this, base on the Emergency and the Support.

This morning after I read Mary’s message I got convinced that I belong to an Association who cares about its members, partners, friends, employees, etc. I didn’t imagine that the accident my niece had would have this unfortunate consequences.

I would like to include the news that appeared on our newspaper but as you should know it is in Spanish, but I’m including the picture that shows when they were moving my niece to the helicopter that took her to the Hospital.

I’ll give Mary the information of the account as soon as they opened it.

Thanks to all of you and GOD Bless YOU ALL!!!

Emergency Air Transp.jpg

Emergency Air Transp.jpg

To friends and fellow Inspectors;

Thank you all for the support and help we have started to receive.

This little angel is in all of our prayers and our minds every day.

William and the baby’s father have not been able to conduct any inspections. The father “Alfonso” is in the hospital 24/7 and William is the daily baby sitter for the 1 year old brother, this family is amaizingly strong but our prayers and support will give what they need for the rest of the proccess; that we all know it will not be easy.

Again thank you to all.

For any donations please send them to;


(787) 747-0123
(787) 703-1123