Member John Onofrey offering a very nice service.

“Nice Service” is a major understatement.

It is very professionally prepared and delivered, everybody that I know of (out of 1,300 people I have it delivered to) is impressed with it, and it takes a load off my mind, regarding the monthly news e-letter I’ve been kicking out for nearly 3 years.

It’s like NACHI-
Is this worth the price of one inspection a year?
Without a doubt.


(now, if we can just get a fishing column inserted into it . . .)

I can not say enough about John’s News Letter. A plus service and at a great price. :smiley:

I have signed up for it, it cant do any harm


You mean to tell me that you didn’t get a life time subscription with the truck? Here I thought that truck had everything the modern inspector would need.

This service is one of the most innovative ideas that we have had.

I agree. The newsletter is very well done, professional, short, on topic and is actually read by the recipients. I can’t say enough good about it either. I just don’t want the word to spread too far in my area :slight_smile: …I want to be the only one offering it around here.:wink:

I agree with all the above statements and then some .
I have had great reception on it . John has added and made changes for me when asked never a complaint and does a fantastic job.
I recomend those who have not got on board to do it ,I do not think you will be disapointed , Thanks John for doing a very professional job.
Roy Cooke .

I signed up tonight. Hope to see results soon.

It has been a super addition to me- for the price of 1 month’s phone book ad you can send this professional newsletter directly to the realtor, who is your lead source anyway, for an entire year! Great Job John!!!

Sssshhhh. Don’t tell Chuck McCann about this… ya know how he hates anything the vendors do well for us.

I received the following e-mail after the newsletter was forwarded to Diane & then she signed up for it. If I get this job then the newsletter is paid up for the next 5 years or more! Thank you John!!!

It looks like you may have experience inspecting apartment building - is that something you also do? I have a San Marcos 26 unit building under contract and need a detailed inspection so I can get bids on work that needs to be done. Are you able to do something like this?

Thank you, Diane

Whatever Nick…I got no problem with real deals for NACHI members, but your non check self promoting whatever comes your way BS gets so old. You see Nick the key is a member offering, not grease the pocket vender offering…wake up.

BTW, thanks for thinking of me when you post your BS, I must be getting to you…at the very least making you think twice about posting BS vender crap. Thanks again…

John O seems to have a great product from NACHI feedback, not Nick whatever comes my way BS. LOL…

Three new subscribers just signed up. Chuck has a following. Thanks Chuck! :smiley:

The march news letter just went out, I have 343 on this list and I have booked 4 inspections in 2 days that are directly related to this news letter. I also got two request to be put on the news letter list. :smiley: </IMG>

SSHHHH…John don’t tell Nick that a member actually offering members a benefit is a good thing.:mrgreen: