member numbers

I am curious. How many members in NACHI? And is NACHI and InterNachi the same?

9", but I dont like to brag.

Oh geez, I said how MANY members. BTW, I wouldn’t call that bragging, I call it self deprication. LOL:)

haha! Sorry, thread title just said “member numbers”…lol

There are over 7k members, InterNACHI is the NEW NACHI, Nachi is GLOBAL Now.

OK, thanks, but still one website and membership correct?

you are correct.

InterNACHI is the former NACHI, bigger and better. is the ONLY website. Same place, different name.

INACHI has many websites all pointing back to

INACHI also has approximately 9600 North American members. The world wide membership numbers are much larger. Keep in mind, you can’t judge INACHI by this message board. It represents a very small % of the total INACHI membership. For example, there are approximately 1100 members who visit the MB ocassionally and a much smaller number who actually frequently visit the MB. Those frequent visitors have been referred to by some as the “NACHI 100”…