Member of the Year/Gromicko Award has arrived

On behalf of Nick Gromicko and Inachi and the Awards Committee, I would like to congratulate Michael Boyett with his recent Award arrival.

Congratulations Mike. :):smiley:

I have requested a nice Photo of him with his Award to be posted here.

Just received a bigger picture.


Man, that is a sweet lookin’ award.

Congrats to Mike. Well done.

Congratulations Mike, now how do you get one of these?

Congratulations Mike.

:oops: For the record, I’m a little embarrassed. I had nothing to do with my name being on there, didn’t know it was going to be on there, and would prefer it isn’t on there in future years.

The award looks awesome though. Whomever picked it out did a great job. I love the globe design. Nice work!

Nick, it’s been on the Awards for the past three years. :wink:
Thought it was a honor for you since it is you that makes it all happen.
The Gromicko award was considered the highest Award issued and was a way to recognize it, but we don’t have a problem in eliminating it in future awards.

Well it is the “Gromicko Award”, is it not?

Ship it. :smiley:

Well, I just tried using an awl and scratching out Nick’s name. Kinda wish I hadn’t done that now :(.

I like it the way it is Mike.

Inachi Member of the Year Award four years ago was slated by the Committee to be eliminated.
It was designed to be Awarded to any Members of the Association including Members out of this Country.
Three Chairmans back in time suggested we keep the Award but change the name to make it World Wide and more distinguishing from the other Awards.
If the members feel there should be no need to have this Award, the Awards Committee can delete it and only bring it back at such time where we would have Inachi Nominations oustide North America.

That would leave two Awards, One for the US and one for Canada.

We are open to suggestions from any Member at this point. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Mike, from all Puerto Rico Members.

I like the currant tier:

US Member… voted on by the Membership
CA Member… voted on by the Membership

Gromicko Award… Global Member… voted on by (?) Nick/Awards Commitee (If Nick is that embarrased, change the name to “The Founders Award” or some such thing)

Add other counties if and when they have enough Members to justify it, say 400 (?)members.


Thanks Jeff, the Committee will take that into consideration. :slight_smile:

I see nothing wrong with keeping it the same as it is the Gromicko award.
He is the Founder of NACHI and I feel we are the committee who makes the decisions .

Congrats to you Mike.

Congratualations Mike! Very well deserving.

Good for you Michael, But I must confess, I thought I was a shoe-in! LOL

Hello Roy, I had no idea you were even back, muchless on the commitee! :shock: