Member of the Year

that being said he probably has contacts in high places

now your trying to butter dry toast? :wink:


I’m not scairt…

never figured u would be

GOOD LUCK to both of them :smiley:


This is going to be one tight and hard vote to cast.

It will be neck and neck to the end.

I haven’t voted yet, still trying to make up my decision. :):smiley:

well neither one of them is paying for votes partner…I already checked…

too bad some extra cash would be nice

Ok I voted. Really hard decision but I think I made the right choice. James you made some really good points(the really really old thing) but I think Jeff is an exceptional person as well. I wish the both of you the best of luck.

It appears that I have a couple of campaign managers making me feel Like I have one foot in the grave and the other on a bananna Peel;-)

Jeff answered one of electrical questions while on his vacation in Hawaii. Charlie always answers my questions without belittling me. Both men are amazing. Good luck guys.

And it is tie, is it over yet? Works for me. :mrgreen::wink:

Marcel to break the tie unless you voted to tie it up!!

I never said that …I just said You had a younger brother named Methuselah…

Not yet, but would be happy with this as a final vote. ;):slight_smile:

Makes life easier and no hard feeling that way. Just watch, a Newbie will come in and screw that up!!:mrgreen::p;)


We can always tell who didn’t get candy! :mrgreen::wink:

Nice reference

Easy when they come from the same loin! :mrgreen:

Dang i could have made a couple bucks lol but i already voted.