Member passes away. Daughter wishes to sell Dad's inspection tools and IR camera.

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Good Evening,

My name is Emily James, and my father was Benny Stewart. It has been almost a year since his passing, and we are strugging with what to do with his valuable Home Inspection tools. I have been unsuccessful in posting advertisements on Craig’s List, but I have a feeling that these tools are specific to a certain crowd. I remembered he was very involved in InterNACHI before he moved to Boston, so I thought that perhaps there may be someone interested in purchasing his equipment. Although she won’t get as much for it if we sold the pieces individually, I think it would be easier on my mother if everything just went together. It hasn’t been a very pleasant reminder having the two boxes in her hallway for all this time. I know Dad paid around $7,000 for the thermal cameral alone. I also know it’s used, and like most of the other equipment, it probably has to be recalibrated.

I’ve looked up what used equipment is selling for online, and I feel that $4,500 plus the cost of shipping for ALL the tools listed in the attachment is a steal for someone who may be starting a business of their own. For those that have been in the business and knew my father, they will know that the equipment they are getting has been in the best of hands.

I’m not really sure who to contact in order to get this information out. I remember Dad mentioned going to the InterNACHI meetings frequently, so this is my first attempt to use his networks. I am hoping to get this off my mother’s hands not only because of its negative impact on her emotions, but I know Mom could also use the money. I also think it would make Dad happy knowing his tools were being used and not sitting there collecting dust.

I appreciate any assistance or leads you can provide me with,

Emily James

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Here is the link to the PDF displaying the cameras/tools: