Member runs nice ad. Check it out.

Posted with his permission:

Yes, nice advert…
Is that a COE violation I see in the bottom left… “HVAC…”?

Not if he is offering this as a separate offer, as a separate line item to full home inspections.
I offer ancillary inspections similarly.

I agree, but it is the “perception” that he can/will make repairs to the HVAC if he discovers an issue during his home inspection. It could “cause” someone to (subliminally) hire him for the inspection.


The InterNACHI member shall not perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, any repairs or repair-associated services to the structure on which the member or member’s company has prepared a home inspection report for a period of 12 months. This provision shall not include services to components and/or systems which are not included in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice.

Just makes me laugh. Nice guy wanted to share his ad and all of a sudden he gets slammed for violating the COE…that’s just priceless stuff…:wink:

No slam what-so-ever. I mearly asked an innocent question. I’d hate for the guy to get “Meekered”! :shock::wink:

I like the ad a lot.
“15 years” experience. Outstanding.