Member status

I have switched from student to member!!! yeah me!!!

Will hopefully be Working in the next few weeks. Getting prices on cards, final fixes on website. Figuring out what twitter is and getting that set up. Facebook page. Hopefully doing some shadowing soon, if we can get schedules to match, Doing some mock inspections. Am I forgetting anything?

Excited for this new adventure.

well, my status is still student, but that should change soon I hope?

Takes about a day. Log out of the message board, then log back in. That speeds it up.

As you should be! Congrats!

Damn, only took 4 hours to get first call form this site. Already bidding a home inspection. Wasn’t expecting that, Had to quickly call for setting up mock inspections. Lucky got all 4 from a friend who is always buying. Has 3 and his son has 2.

Wow, that is great,seems like everyone is busy! Samuel,I am currently trying to get off the ground as well. Going to do my four mock inspections next week,start my E&O ins. ,order my marketing materials, tie up any remaining loose ends ,and hoping to be up and running by June 1st.
The way things sound,I hope I wont have to starve for the first year or
two starting out? Good Luck!

Sam and Gerald, congrats on becoming inspectors and I hope things start off with a boom!


Thank you sir ! I am anxious to start INSPECTING! all this studying,networking,and marketing is alot of work!! I’m sure this is just the beginning though, i’m looking forward to it.