Members benefits now gone?

JUST TO MAKE IT CLEAR> THis is an e-mail from Roberta to me, as it has been a year since I signed up with her company to do my web site and had to renew, this is what she send ME: Dear Chuck Crooker,

We have recently been notified by Nick Gromicko at NACHI that their organization has terminated their sponsorship of this free NACHI member benefit.

While we would like to honor all outstanding requests, we simply cannot afford to spend 1-2 hours per site on the analysis and submission without compensation. We now offer free submission services to our web site hosting clients (intermediate and advanced packages), or if you would like to order a paid site submission for $25, please visit

If you have any question regarding NACHI’s change in policy, please contact Nick Gromicko by telephone or email. For a greater impact, we would also like to recommend your bringing up this subject on the NACHI bulletin boards since member benefits are a huge reason why so many home inspectors join NACHI. I am sure all members would be interested in this topic, as a number of members have benefited from this service before NACHI cancelled the program.

Additional comments:
You already received your free service from us. To order paid SEO submission services, please visit


Roberta Dulay
Grassfrog Technologies, LLC

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Interesting, Any answers why this has happened Nick? :frowning:

Check out the Members Only area. You will find a great SEO Tracker and submission service.

Go to the Member-Only Log In area and click on the SEO Icon. It’s Free for NACHI members.

Same service…different provider?

Have tried it and it doesn’t seem to work.

There’s always two sides to a story, I’ve heard one, what’s the other!

Which one did you hear??

worked for us.:smiley:

Charles, you said you were informed by Nick Gromicko… post the email here for all to see please.

Charles, you said you were informed by Nick Gromicko… post the email here for all to see please.

Oh wait… I see… it is a misquote from someone else (hearsay)… not a notification from me.

Chuck… you probably should edit your original post so that it is clear it is someone else’s email, not mine. Maybe italicize it and put it inside quotes or something.

Anyway… our Search Engine Optimization service is very much alive and working well. Here:

OK. Is that better, I thought it was clear before whom it was from and to?

Clear to all but me because I can’t read very well. I read at a 7th grade level and didn’t even learn to read until I was a Senior in H.S.

No way, we have met and if that is so(you being a Senior) You sure look young for your age!!:wink:

Doesn’t seem to work!

This is what I get and have been seeing this message for over 6 months, not 2-4 hours as it states:

and yes my website is typed in profile correctly.:o

How do you know it worked for you…What do you see after you submitted your site? Did you do it before today?

Dan, I believe it means your website gets too little traffic to rank yet.

Thank you, your web site has been added to the submission queue. A NACHI staff member will soon personally ensure that your web site is submitted to all available search engines.

That maybe, but why does the message say what is said.

It may not get great traffic, but obviously it gets enough for me to stay busy every single day during January…I got over 30% of those jobs from the internet.:slight_smile: