Members benefits now gone?

Hm. Ask Chris. It’s great that 30% of your jobs come from the internet though. That is good news.

The Grassfrog strikes again… oh my.

I had received a similar letter from Roberta, and also I received a pm awhile back in all caps (in other words screaming) at me, saying not to write to her on this message board through PM’s as she doesn’t check them and if I wanted a response to write only through email. I was extremely offended and was at a loss as to what to do since I had won some very nice prizes from them.
Also, the website I had won from her was for a year but she had knocked it down to six months by the time she gave it to me.

There was a bug in your database entry. It should work fine now… check in a few hours or so.


I’ve also added new graphs to to make it more understandable.


Thank You Chris…I should have asked you to look at it months ago.:slight_smile:

Thanks Again.