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For those of you who suck-up in Realtor offices.

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William, what some call sucking up is that they have no idea how to market. So in the lack of knowledge in marketing, they have to call it a derogatory name because they can not master the skill of marketing.

I have Realtors that call me and we refuse to work with them. I am a direct reflection of who we associate with so we choose wisely.

For those who feel they are in the passenger seat of an inspection, it is you who is at fault for not controlling the situation. People who have crappy Realtors are those who need a good onspector the most. But instead you turn your back on them leaving them for the wolves. I dislike crappy Realtors, but will deal with them because I can educate them as to what my purpose is during the inspection, not vice versa.

Not unethical inspectors…I refuse to work with them.

So what some call “sucking -up” is their inability to market properly and professionally and the inability to control the inspection and the inspection process.

Since about 1400 A.D. in England, people have been allowed to be represented by others. Home buyers are often represented (because they choose to have representation) by buyer’s agents.

Inspectors have to work with their client’s chosen representative. If buyers choose to be represented by agents, then inspectors are compelled to promote their inspection services to those client’s through those representatives.

Inspectors don’t have any say in this matter… anymore than a plaintiff could insist on dealing directly with you in a legal matter where you chose to be represented by an attorney.

Buyer agents are to their clients in a real estate transaction as attorneys are to their clients in a legal matter. The fact that they both suffer from a conflict of interest (buyer agents want the deal to go through, attorneys want the matter to drag out), does not void their relationship.

Do you think professional expert witnesses refuse to market their services to attorneys?

the quality is excellent.

B4 ordering 5,000, make damn sure you really like your design and content. Unless you are in a really big city, 5,000 will be on the street for a long time.