Members can now order custom-designed Vehicle Magnets. $90

Awesome deal!

Is that per side or for two?

I can tell you even at $60 per side that is a good deal! The artwork and the magnets WOW…that is a great deal. Thanks INachi

That includes two matching 17.30" x 11.25" magnets — one for each side.

That is a good price…what kind of thickness is the material? I ordered some from an online company and while they were inexpensive…they were very thin and faded terribly.

My new vehicle magnets arrived this morning (March 15), I ordered these less than a week ago; take out the two day weekend and my 36 hour delay to approve the final proof and I see the entire process took 4 business days from order to installation on the truck. They look great…what an outstanding performance.
Thank you

Why does the link say **$90.00 **???

We decided to offer higher quality magnets, which resulted in a higher price. These new magnets are twice as thick, and won’t fade in the sun.

Every order (even past orders at the $60 price point) has been printed on the higher quality magnets.

So, the **$60 **price point no longer exists?

No problem for me. I’m just clarifying for others that want them.

I just received my magnets today and I guess I got lucky as I paid the lower price. Even at $90 I think they are a great product. Also I had virtually no cost associated with design or all the running around and lost time that goes with trying to buy this type of advertising. If you want an alternative to more expensive applied graphics or special wraps this is a great option.

Does anyone have these on their vehicle yet and care to show a pic or 2 ?


any plans to ship to Canada?