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I guess I have the privelage of posting first on this new section!

I registered my info for IAC2 members list and for anyone that has taken mold course with PRO-LAB should do the same.It is a great site and it’s free.

What new section where is it . Roy


This is the new section.

It is actually sad!

Any NACHI member can simply select “apply” and they are added. It does not seek to “verify” your past course participation or for that matter wether you passed or failed.

Again, a good idea gone bad.


As far as pass or fail,I think if someone took the course and failed,they have no business being a HI as far as verification can’t answer that!


My point is that ANY NACHI Member, wether they have taken a IAQ Course by ProLab or NOt…so long as they have an ACTIVE NACHI Membership, all they need to do is simply enter their NACHI Username and Password and TADA! They are now listed as Members in IAC2.

Being a member only states you have taken a course .
This is my third Course on indoor air two with CMHC.
Does this make me qualified to do indoor air testing .
No way in my books I do it to increase my knowledge.
I am an Electrician and no way do I feel that some of the Home inspectors are qualified to be doing the things they do with some of their electrical testing.
I also see HIs doing mould testing that looks to me like they could find them selves in difficulty some time in the future .
I like what I do very much and limit my Home Inspections to what all SOP says I should .
If you or others wish to do it your way fine .
I do not see where stating I have taken an IAQ is wrong if I have.
I have taken many other courses to increase my knowledge.

Roy Cooke

While that capability may exist, Harvey, it would be a misrepresentation of his qualifications and could be a violation of our COE. Members of IAC2 who are aware of any such breaches of conduct are certainly entitled to report it.

But I seriously doubt that anyone would want to lie about taking a few CEUs?


I agree with you 100% but James also makes a good point.I enjoy these courses. Personally the first course I took I know it made me more aware of affects of moisture and water intrusion and therefore a better HI. If someone misleads anyone about taking this course they have in actual fact only misled themselfs.


We are opening up a can of worms dude!

If we are going to people in a place that says “certifying body for home and building inspectors who have fulfilled certain educational and testing requirements including those in the area of indoor air quality.” we must be sure that we have verified them.

The site further says “IAC2 Certified inspectors have all completed at least one additional 8 hour approved indoor air inspection-related course.”

So we are saying to Mr. Consumer…“if they are listed here that, we at IAC2 the non-profit certifying body for inspectors who have passed an indoor air quality, certify that Inspector Bob has SUCCESSFULLY passed the course.”

Again…lets not become a Certificate Mill for the IAQ industry.

I also feel the person who has taken the 8 hours or more is much more knowledgable then those who have not .
Should I not have some way of advertising I have gone a step more then the competition, I do .

That is not when the trouble starts its when you get on the stand having sworn to tell the truth .
Now Mr HI what qualifications do you have and when did you take those AIQ courses. .
Its comming and look out now the papers will get big milage from these mistakes made back in 2006.
Roy Cooke

Roy I am not talking about time in a course, but being listed as a person who took the course that has not.

Then we who are listed are grouped again with the scammers!

I for the life of me cannot understand why we made it so that all that is needed to be listed in that area is a NACHI username and Password.

Bottom line, I have taken 3 ProLab Courses given here at our Chapter Events by ESA…and so at first glance I thought how cool…they have all the ones who passed listed in a Database and when you enter your NACHI Username and Password it will check to see…then if you did not pass it will not list you…WRONG!

It does not verify attendance…and whats worst is that it doesnt verify if you passed!

Again, another useless logo if that is the case…and one that I will have to market against since I cannot stand by the “process” by which you are “accepted”.


It’s called integrity! One has it or one doesn’t have it,money can’t buy anyone this character trait!

Mario…what are you talking about…are you blind?

It has nothing to do with intergrity obviously since it cares not who has what.


I used to have 20/20 vision now I’m not quite sure what I have.

You are making a big deal out of this,in my opinion this is something new for us and I’m sure the kinks will be worked out.By the appropriate people not us.

I have to log off now between you and Dan I’m afraid that if being negative is contagious I’m going to catch it!!!

You cannot even apply without your NACHI member username and password, so every applicant is a NACHI member, and we audit every IAC2 listed inspector to make sure they completed at least 1 full day indoor-air related course.

IAC2 certified inspectors are merely a subset of NACHI members who have fulfilled NACHI’s requirements AND done a little extra in the area of indoor air quality. We may also add further requirements in the future.

It is free to NACHI members.

I’m helping to host an IAQU event in December. Why is it that I cannot use that course to qualify?

Hi Harvey,

No doubt its not a perfect world, but this is not the first time that NACHI has relied on the integrity of its members to do the right thing. It does not appear to be any different then any of the other things that rely on inspector honesty like quoting the number of inspections performed or CEU hours attained.

Personally I am glad to see NACHI take an interest in this issue as there are so many voices out there attempting to direct how home inspectors interact with the IAQ community, especially now with licensing rising its head once again. I am all for NACHI leading in areas that can help the membership, the consumer and the profession in general.

We have an active ethics committee who would most likely take an interest in investigating the name of anyone that may be taking advantage of this or any other NACHI benefit they weren’t entitled to, you should direct any known improprieties to them.

Wendy, it does.

Harvey, you can’t technically even access the application unless you are already a NACHI member, we verify mold and radon course attendance, have a sign in sheet at every course, an exam at the end of every course, a certificate issued to everyone who completes the course, and auditing.

Joe, you are correct. With no government having adopted any mold standards yet, we’re on the cutting edge and 2007 will be much about indoor air ancillary inspection services.

And finally, NACHI is the undisputed leader of the inspection industry in size, speed, and vision. This #1 position creates burdens for NACHI that we accept willingly, one of them being that we are often alone… we rarely look in our rear view mirror and when we do… we don’t see anyone else. This loneliness does not disturb us.


I think you should charge a fee for this service like CMI, it doesn’t go over very well when it’s a free service!!Go figure.