Members need to call or email the Governor of Kansas.

I continue to get emails similar to the following:

You Kansas inspectors really need to start contacting the Governor about this guy. Mr. Barnes has issued himself license #1 before anyone else can get a license. He advertises to the public that he got the first license in Kansas thus enriching himself personally by way of his public office. This despite his “B minus” Better Business Bureau rating. He continues to “misplace” all of InterNACHI’s course approval applications.

Here is the phone number for the Governor of Kansas: (785) 296-3232
Here is where you can send an email for the Governor of Kansas:

I will take it one more step…and ask ALL NACHI members to assist in this.

Call or write and post your responses to this thread. Let the Governor of Kansas know that Barnes’ bias offends ALL of us.

Here was my email. I will call him tomorrow to follow-up and see if he got it.

I have tried many times to notify the Gov., Lt. Gov.and Secretary of State via e-mail and never received a response. Although, someone I know very well received a response from a letter. Gary, post all the e-mail contacts for Senators etc on this site so we can start flooding their e-mail system. We are less than 45 days out with a corupt board, law and system. Kansas Dept of Ag puts this bill and board to shame in comparrision to Pest Control Licensing.

One thing I’ve seen at the legislature is that if you want to be noticed / You send a letter.

Its too easy to delete emails. Send letters OR half or more will never get read.

Post what you write in your letter for others to see and get an idea from.


This may be the reason for emails not getting through…

This may be the reason for emails not getting through… it should

Nick, can you send me that packet of addresses to lawmakers in Kansas again if you have them? I will try to call Senator Wysong tomorrow and try to set up a meeting with him.


Here ya go!

KansasHouseMembersList.pdf (63.9 KB)

KansasSenateMemberList.pdf (28.7 KB)

I hope that people are still actively involved in this issue.

Unconfirmed reports say that the attorney who offered to sell his services to “navigate around” the HI law is no longer a member of the HI Board.

We continue to wait to hear of news of Mr. Barnes, the current Chairman…

Keep those calls, cards and letters going in folks. People are starting to listen…

Just heard the same rumor, trying to validate.

The cookie is crumbling.

I spoke to a reporter who is investigating the actions of the board for a report he is doing and he told me that the Governor’s office informed him today that a new vice chairman has been elected.

This does not necessarily mean that Mr. Robinson is not still, IMO, selling his services, as an insider, to those who need to “navigate around” the law.

Interesting, with the lack of HOME inspectors on the current board, it could only be one person then. Unless of course they’re not following the scope of the law, or have signed in another ringer.

The Home Inspector Board is Jeff Barnes (home inspector), Ed Robinson (attny), Pat Ragan (realtor), Ron Naab (home Inspector), and Ralph Pimatel (code inspector, environmental inspector, etc).

The Officers of the Board have been Barnres (chair), Robinson (vice-chair), and Ragan (secretary).

The law required both chair & vice-chair to be HI’s. At the last Board meeting in Topeka - about a month ago, Ron Naab was placed in the Vice-Chair Position. Mr Robinson was still on the Board / Just not vice-chair).

Now whether hes left the Board or not I don’t know and haven’t heard. Its likely someone simply heard theres a new Vice-Chair and thought …

In an article published by the Wichita Eagle two weeks ago, Ed Robinson identified himself as the Vice Chairman of the Home Inspection Registration Board and after describing the home inspector’s limited liability offered, for $375, to help people “navigate around” it and the new law.

No correction to the article was made, nor is there any other attempt evident that Mr. Robinson tried to correct the article.

An investigative reporter from the Kansas City Star who also read the same article, arrived at the same conclusion that the rest of the public did. He contacted the legislators who wrote the law and found that the position was NOT to be filled by a lawyer, as published in the Wichita Eagle. The Governor told the reporter, the day before yesterday, that someone had been elected (not “placed”) to replace Robinson and that he is no longer…as announced as recently as two weeks ago…a Vice Chair of the HI Registration Board.

He will be explaining this, and more, in the article that he is publishing in coming days. He continues to investigate the activities of Barnes and his acts of self enrichment, as many have alleged, and this may be addressed in the article as well or in a future article, depending upon what he can get done.

Bottom line: While in the position of Vice Chair and publishing that he was a Vice Chair, Mr. Robinson caused an article to be written and subsequently published advertising his position as Vice Chair in conjunction with his advertisement for a $375 service to the public regarding his assistance in “navigating around” the new law. Today, we have been informed that he is no longer in that position.

If Mr. Robinson was no longer the vice-chairman at the hearing November 6, 2009, and the Wichita Eagle article was published November 16, 2009, why wasn’t it stopped or changed by either party??? Hmmm…

Having a reporter snoop around may be the best thing to happen. Talking to Senators and lawmakers can clear up alot of things, and get their input into what is really going on; if they dare to comment. This known reporter is experienced in legislative procedures, and is familiar with many bills that have been around Topeka. His take on the home inspection bill(s) are that they are poorly written. He is trying to find out about SB 329, HB 2315, and HB 2260, and how they are all still tied together. I hope he does a good job for us and the consumers of Kansas.

Knowing that there is a reporter on the case…knowing that their actions have not endeared them to all…knowing that their actions will come under public scrutiny in the light …will make a politician look hard at any more handouts to special interests on these matters for a while.