Member's Page

A week or so ago, NACHI changed the layout of the “Member’s Only Dashboard” Page. I didn’t care for the new layout but I thought I would give it some time to grow on me. However, I still don’t like it :sad: In my opinion, the old page was much better.
What do you guys think?

Does it matter? It’s done, get used to it.

I go there once a month to enter my (non-Nachi) CE’s. Very rarely any other time. Couldn’t care less as long as I can find what I am looking for without too much trouble.

Change happens period. Have to deal with it whether you want to or not.

We had to go mobile friendly for all devices. With nearly 14,000 members in North America, we had no choice.

I don’t like having to type with this all the time, but doesn’t seem I have a choice either.

It doesn’t show the stupid color brackets.

I just checked it out. I like it a lot more. Way more tasteful in appearance on my Mac anyway, the old one looked like windows 3.1 to me.

That’s what I see as well.

It’s true though, no one likes change.