Members, please help. Nathan Thornberry coming to NACHI.TV.

I am pleased to announce that my friend Nathan Thornberry will be my guest on an upcoming episode of www.NACHI.TV

The interview will cover topics such as RecallChek, 90-day warranties, the Alarm Leads Program, the forthcoming Honesty-Integrity-Confidentiality project, new InterNACHI-exclusive offers, and another new book in the works.

I’ll be doing the interview myself and I need some help from members to prepare. Please post any suggested questions you’d like me to ask Nathan and I’ll try to include them.

Wait, there is a 11’ pole around here someplace. :mrgreen:

This should be an interesting thread.

I think I just threw up a little.

Have Joe Farsetta and Jim Bushart do the “interview” of Nathan.

That will get watched.

The interview will include a segment where I read questions from this thread. Example: "Michael Larson asks… " Members should state in their posts on this thread if they desire a particular question to be asked in the interview using their name. Otherwise, if I use a suggested question I won’t credit the member and just ask it anonymously.

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If I see a good question to ask on this message board, I’m going to use it anonymously unless the poster specifically gives me permission to credit the question to him/her.

BTW: I’m not doing any ambushing, so don’t email me questions, post them.

Nathan, I ask that you not answer any of the suggested questions on this particular thread (if you get asked them on another thread, go ahead and respond). I just don’t want this thread to turn into a pre-released transcript of the interview.

This has never been about ambushing.

Please reduce the drama.:roll:

Post a suggested question then. One that you believe will be useful to your fellow members.

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Michael, are you able to formulate a sensible question or two? Ones our members would benefit from hearing Nathan’s answers to? Otherwise, you know me, I’ll just focus on InterNACHI member exclusive deals and the interview will stink.

Michael Larson asks: Why does Nathan continue to deny he repeatedly violated NACHI Code of Ethics and message board rules?

Honestly, Nick … I think you should limit your interview to his wonderful products and exciting new book.

It would be a total waste of time to have him answer questions that he has had such an extraordinary amount of time to prepare a response for and … quite frankly … there are no real questions left to ask. They have all been answered. That is why the Client Fidelity Pledge came to be, in the first place.

Those who are interested in his views about his own products and services will certainly be watching, attentively. Those who are interested in his views on other topics … and his responses to questions regarding them … have all they need on your message board.

Go ahead and make your commercial. The kid needs all the help he can get, right now. It’s good of you to offer it. I hope it goes well.

Wrong. It would be a total waste of time to have him ambushed. Inspectors benefit from him flubbing how? I’m giving all members an opportunity to go straight to the heart of any matter that they are concerned about in a setting where a direct response can’t be avoided and where viewers can actually watch us engage each other and where Nathan knows you have the opportunity to replay the video over and over later and comment on it forever. Therefore, he is being given time to think about his responses.

Ask my question Nick.

It will reveal much.

How do we get to the thread

Let me give you just one quick example of what I am saying, Nick.

Up until post #280 on this thread, Thornberry insisted that the Client Fidelity Pledge was a disparagement against home inspectors and a personal attack against himself and his business. He sent at least one PM to a member threatening to sue him if he did not remove certain posts, revise his signature and remove his blog. He openly threatened to sue me, as well.

After seeing videos of other alarm systems salesmen who compensate home inspectors for providing them with private client data, in the very next post #281 … he immediately changed his position on the Client Fidelity Pledge. It was no longer a disparagement to home inspectors and an attack against him and was now a great thing and something that he would promote since … according to him … what was formerly disparaging and attacking him was suddenly something that, in one post, he was now “compliant” with.

When it was then pointed out that his required contract language that waived a clients’ right to privacy under the “no call” list and his compensation to inspectors in exchange for client data made him, in fact, noncompliant … it was “not enough” and so he then created his OWN pledge with a multi-colored logo … appointed himself the chairman of it … and allows those who sell client data to him to make this pledge but precludes those who sell client data to a competitor.

All of this transpired over a 12 hour period.

And … on whatever given day you do his commercial … you are planning to ask him what his thoughts are on the Client Fidelity Pledge? Really?

No, Nick. Do his commercial. It’s okay.