Members, please help. Nathan Thornberry coming to NACHI.TV.

I don’t understand why you will be discussing the “forthcoming” client fidelity program.

While NACHI may be hosting it, it is not a NACHI program and the idea was hatched a few short days ago.

One of the things Nathan has to understand is that NACHI management does not control it. It is intended to be self-policing, pretty much, but if an inspector does not conduct his business in a way which is compliant with the program, then they may not use the logo.

Yes … and there was only one way of bringing that out, plainly. He played right along, as usual.

Sorry Joe,

It’s being co-opted. Wake up. :wink:

If members don’t post any questions and it ends up as one big, long video commercial for Nathan, that will say something too, won’t it?

I’m assuming it will be out by then and since it is an inspection industry thing… why not discuss it with Nathan? We might discuss the weather too (particularly if members don’t suggest any other topics on this thread).

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Here is a question that is straightforward enough for the taping.

Nate, Do you or your companies sell information about clients to third parties without their consent?

It should be an infomercial about Nate, not about any “fourthcoming program”.

Nate and Nick have nothing to do with the Fidelity Pledge. it is not Nicks or Nathan’s to launch. Nathan doesn’t get to decide if his inspectors are compliant with the pledge.

I have will have 4 questions for Nathan. They will be conceptual but pointed at the same time.

The pledge is my intellectual property. NACHI may not claim it as their own, and neither may Nathan.

I’ll be happy to host it elsewhere. I can have a commitment for a similar set up within a half hour from another “service”.

I agreed to limit the pledge to NACHI members at this time, because Nick stated that if we used the association’s technology to perform the verification, it could be NACHI only. I said fine.

I may change my mind within the next few minutes.

How about with their informed consent. How about whether he sells their information or provides it to another?

Good question. My follow up is likely going to regard whether that consent is only acquired by a fine-print clause in the inspection agreement.

Thornberry’s opinions about a pledge being taken by home inspectors not to sell him their clients data to him is not only fluid … changing from one of his posts to the next … but is simply irrelevant to anyone but him.

Neither Nick or Thornberry can speak on the program with any degree of authority. I agree, Joe.

I can see why Thornberry would want to add this to his infomercial … but I don’t see why Nick would feel the need to add any implied support for whatever Thornberry’s opinion will be on it the day of the commercial.

What’s up with that, Nick?

Now that this has come to light there should be a provision within “The Pledge” to opt out. Those of who are serious in regards to client privacy should be able to leave if the program is overrun with posers.

If “The Pledge” is co-opted I’ll not be deterred, no one owns a trademark on the ability for an independent home inspector to make a pledge of fidelity to their clients, I’ll simply go it alone as it ever was.

Talk about ducking and running for cover! Nick has them on the ropes now! Man this is good stuff…

Jim, you don’t actually expect an inspector to wade through 10,000 posts about Nathan Thornberry, do you? This video distills everything and lets members actually watch Nathan’s responses to THEIR OWN questions. Nathan can answer them directly and succinctly. He can slither around and avoid them during the interview. Or he can walk off the set. Regardless of what he does, members will be free to make their own assessments of this vendor after seeing him actually respond in person on video.

This pledge is for all home inspectors without regard to association. In light of Nick’s program to allow Thornberry to misrepresent it with prescreened questions in a rehearsed “interview” … Joe will be making an announcement regarding NACHI’s hosting of it very soon. They can express any opinions they wish in their commercial.

Very good, I look forward to that.


Here is a question I’m going to ask:

Nathan, can you see any way for confidential client information gathered by a home inspector ending up in the hands of a repair contractor by a means that you have anything to do with, even indirectly or inadvertently?

Go ahead. It’s not a big deal. You have lots of vendor infomercials.

He won’t need to slither if you won’t ask tough questions about his lies and denials.

I guess you only have to fool some.:frowning:

Forget the message board questions and just make up the ones you and Nathan agree to.

Let the infomercial begin.

That’s what you should do Joe. Host it elsewhere and ensure that the pledge is completely separated from INachi, with No ties at all.

Or this great idea will basically end up being worthless.