Membership Fees

Does anyone know how much the monthly InterNachi Fees are? Is it just $49 per month or is it $49+HST, or is it $49 plus U.S conversion?

You can ASK Nick at …

The membership fee is in US dollars so there will be a conversion. I don’t remember being charged for HST.

Hi Gordon. I thought I would weigh in on this subject, so here is my honest opinion about your question.

Why should it matter?

You are talking a pittance as compared to what is offered.
1: Reams of great continuing education.
2: Interaction with full paid members. Some of whom are the best homies in North America. That is my opinion anyway…

Gordon. What can be gained by being a successful CPI, Certified Professional Inspector?
The cost of entering will unlock that question.

All the best.

Why must you constantly play games?
Are you NOT a Canadian that pays InterNachi a Membership Fee?
It doesn’t matter if it’s monthly or annually.
**What do YOU pay when you make your payment?

it was just curious that is all

That is just fine. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. I simply found it interesting that two of Canada’s biggest loudmouths that claim to be InterNachi’s biggest cheerleaders cannot/refused to even answer the simple basic question that you asked.

Around C$68 per month or C$690 per year. No HST on membership to InterNACHI. (Exchange as of today)