Membership in InterNACHI increases to $499 Jan 1. Existing members not affected.

Membership in InterNACHI will increase to $499.00 come January 1, 2013 so that we can keep adding to our benefits list:

The current cost of $365 will be honored for inspectors who join between now and the end of this year.

InterNACHI never raises dues on existing members and student members, so if you are an existing member or student member, your dues do not increase.

BTW: Our plan is to raise dues to $1,000/year in 2014.

But we never increase dues on existing members, so this doesn’t affect existing members.

If you are not yet a member of InterNACHI… join soon to lock-in your dues at the low rate.

My son is a student member; if he does not become a full member prior to Jan 1 will the price increase apply to him? Thank you

No increase for student members either as they are a type of member (albeit invisible). So he’s fine. I’ll edit my post#1 to reflect that. Thanks.

Time for all to consider the same price evaluation as INACHI.

Don’t get screwed at tax time…

Just because the market is soft, does not mean you work for less. It actually means you charge more…



Reminder, if you are thinking about joining InterNACHI… do it in the next 3 weeks.

WoW! One Large a Year to be a member?!
I’m sure you’ve done the numbers but that sounds like a lot.

How much do the “others” charge?

If you mean the “other” trade associations, they should charge according to how much they provide in member benefits. So I assume their dues are less than 75 cents/year. One dinky little inspection trade association out there actually has no member benefits page at all (because it would be a blank page). They are a total scam.

Hey Nick, yes I meant Ashi, Nahi…

I have no idea what they charge a year, would be interested if you could provide that info.
Whatever they charge I chose INachi precisely because of the excellent benefits!


I can’t imagine anyone paying them more than a few dollars/year… or maybe as much as $5/year dues in return for their zero member benefits. Not even worth that. If they are charging more than $7.50/year dues… it’s a scam.

I contacted Ashi, their dues including an app. fee is 424.00 per year.

How about a comparison of membership benefits:

Oh I totally agree that Nachi has it all over ashi & nahi in benefits and think the higher fee in the future is justified but 1000.00 might be pushing it imho. :smiley:

The new $1,000.00 dues won’t be for existing members or those who join before we raise them in < 3 weeks (InterNACHI never raises dues on existing members). So if you are not a member of InterNACHI yet… join before the end of this year.

Nick, is this due to the Overhead Cost, or the Assosciation does not need any more New members to sustanin itself.? :slight_smile:

Well, it’s certainly not “overhead cost.” We’ll bring in less money at $1,000 than we do at $365 (because many fewer will join at $1,000).

It’s mostly because of our belief that the inspection industry is entering a consolidation phase where there will be (already happening IMHO) winners and losers and not much in between. We want to be the association of financial winners and want to provide those winners with even more competitive advantages to help them increase that lead. My goal is to provide so many competitive advantages for InterNACHI members, that for non-members… it will be hopeless.

That was my point. You will receive less applicant fees at that price, so that means the extra money at the lower price is not needed.

I think you might be pricing yourself out of the profit needed for Business Survival.

If I were a new Inspector to be, I would not pay that price to join in a non-license State.
How many non-license State are there?

Just saying.


Here’s a hypothetical question, if Linas gets kicked out of the club in March but then is reinstated in June, would that mean he would have to pay $499.00 a year?

Or in a a Licensed State. Most Licensed States do not require a membership to Any type of home inspector org. to fulfill license requirements.

Hypothetically no. As a Website of the Year recipient, my dues are paid for life asshole. :wink: