Membership Numbers

From an independent outside source dated August 2003. Factor in growth, factor in Nachi members since 2003, you still do not get 5,000 inspectors. Now I understand that as a requirement of National Certification certificate holders will most likely be required to carry mandatory E&O. But this has not be made public yet.

CAHPI regroups seven Provincial Associations
including 1,037 members across Canada. We must point out that a few members would not qualify under the new admissibility regulations due to either their past claims experience or the new “professional” requirements.

The split of membership is as follows:

Ø Ontario: 525 members 51%
Ø BC: 253 members 24%
Ø Quebec: 123 members 12%
Ø Alberta 70 members 7%
Ø Atlantic: 35 members 3%
Ø Saskatchewan: 20 members 2%
Ø Manitoba: 11 members 1%