membership requirements

This is a photo from an inspection I performed. The valley rafter is broken and the roof structure is in need of repair. I recommended further evaluation and replacement by properly qualified, licensed and competent trades person.

Membership requirements? Is there a question here?

I beleive posting photos and comments is part of the “new” online education requirements. As Jeff J. said in an earlier post, new message board SEO.

no need for further evaluation here. It should be repaired.

Recommend repair or replacement, as needed or necessary by a qualified contractor.

Actually, it has been a requirement for new members to post on the MB within (I think) 30 days of joining… at least since I joined 8 years ago.

Funny thing though, very few new members actually abide by the requirements. Just look at how often we see long term members posting for the first time.

So… CONGRATS and THANK YOU to Member Ted. Welcome!!!

Thank you Jeffery. I have been using Home Gauge software and services since June and took them up on their offer to be a member of InterNACHI. From what I have encountered in the past couple of days, I’m glad I did.