Memorial Day ...Do you know what it's all about?

Just remember this Memorial day and the ones that come here after…
While you have your barbeques going , and celebrating to high heaven.
Remember this…and never forget it… that very many gave their ultimate sacrifice so you can do it.
I just got off the phone with one of my very special brothers…
He was a POW in Vietnam back in the early sixties…
They pulled out his finger and toe nails and cut off a few digits.
Astonishing he truly hates no one.
I don’t think I would feel that way…Nope!
I listen to his story…Agent Orange is taking its toll on him, his mind is still sharp.
America has alway produced amazing soldiers…
And I stand proud in being an American…Oh Yes!
How about you?
Just say YES!


Yes it is, honor Memorial Day.


Here is a fact from the history channel that was not taught in school. This is one of the first Memorial Day events, unofficial holiday at that time.

As the Civil War neared its end, thousands of Union soldiers, held as prisoners of war, were herded into a series of hastily assembled camps in Charleston, South Carolina. Conditions at one camp, a former racetrack near the city’s Citadel, were so bad that more than 250 prisoners died from disease or exposure, and were buried in a mass grave behind the track’s grandstand.
Three weeks after the Confederate surrender, an unusual procession entered the former camp: On May 1, 1865, more than 1,000 recently freed slaves, accompanied by regiments of the U.S. Colored Troops (including the Massachusetts 54th Infantry) and a handful of white Charlestonians, gathered in the camp to consecrate a new, proper burial site for the Union dead. The group sang hymns, gave readings and distributed flowers around the cemetery, which they dedicated to the “Martyrs of the Race Course.”
We give honor to those that have given their lives for our freedom, God Bless America.

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My dad who served at Kiska and in Northern Italy with 10th Mountain Div. in WWII, reserved the designation of “Hero” for those that did not return. 1,000 of his “Heroes” are listed on a memorial on Tennessee Pass in Colorado. tenn%20pass

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20 years in the USN. I’m lucky to still be here to watch my children & grandchildren enjoy living in the USA.

We always bump our steins to the table prior to “prost!” It’s a small way to remember our comrades in Vahallah who are no longer here…

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“This” forum is miscellaneous discussion.

I’m trying to think of something wise to say…but outrage is all that comes to mind.

May God bless the families of all who fell and those who served.

We thank you

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