Mensa members?

Does anyone know a Mensa member?

I need something looked up on their site.

I used to be but was forced to resign after that temporary gig as a hot-tar-watcher for the highway department. Seems they have high standards and I neglected to read the fine print in their stupid rule book. I toad 'em to kiss my @ss!

I’m a Densa member.

You don’t have to be a member. You just have to be smart enough to figure out how to get the info. If you can’t? you aren’t smart enough to be a member or get the information… duh…:wink:

Isn’t mensa a monthly woman thing?

No, you’re thinking of mensapause!!

Is that when you go without men for a while :wink:

Nice!! :ouch: But NO


I am what you need looked up. I will help you if I can.

Sorry, Jeanne graduated that a few years ago . . .:roll::smiley:

Let me know how that worked out for you Bruce. :wink:

Let me know how that worked out for you Bruce! :wink:

What you need?

I already took care of it.:wink: