Mentoring my future competition

Well i am doing it again :slight_smile:

I have a young man who grew up on my street and has a new baby and wife so I figured I would help teach him a career he can do for a long time.

Funny thing is that I do not blow smoke up his a-s and he always says " why are you telling me to do it" I point out the bad things about the career also :slight_smile:

He is a hard worker and of smaller frame which makes for a good inspector and I figure being self employed when you have a family is the way to go.

Tommorow a 4 plex and duplex Walk and talk and then maybe insurance inspections. I hope he learns a lot. He has a current understanding boss who is allowing him to leave for a few hours and then go back to work. Now that is a nice guy.

I used to do it all the time with carpenters. What they learn in the field doesn’t however prepare them to run a business. That’s a whole other classroom.

Yup and the only place to learn that is the school I went to :slight_smile:

The School of Hard Knocks :slight_smile:

That’s Great

I watched this one grow from a little boy to a young man with a family :slight_smile:

I mentored a young woman to be a carpenter. she worked for me for 3 years. 10 years later she sends me a letter, she was now head of the carpentry department for the University of Minnesota.

She also added I was tough but fair. Sounds about right.

Nice to get recognition now and then.

I hope you get the recognition you deserve since the many of the people in the awards committee are complete scumbags. Steve over you for member of the year what a joke.

I have not gone to school yet to get my certification, have been holding back. I wish there were more guys like you in this area willing to help new guys become inspectors. I understand the competition part of it, so i commend you guys for lending a hand…

Yeah funny how I have always been the most hated person in the forum since before I even joined.