Mentoring recommendations

I’m just getting started, I passed the NACHI certification test, and I’m finishing up the twelve required first year courses. A local inspector nearing retirement has agreed to discuss mentoring me. It would be great if I could help him transition out of the business as I transition in.

Are there any thoughts or guidelines for an equitable process? Should I pay him for shadowing him? How much?

Should I consider working with him to “take over” the business? How can I estimate the value of his business, and should I do that, or just set myself up with my own identity?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Bradley, you can have the payment and how much talk with him. Usually, it is done. How much is between you two. Just be straight.

He is his business so, if it were me, I would build a name for myself that I could sell later if I wanted…not your name…but a name that makes people think of the area that you would be inspecting in…like “Detroit” home inspections, or such.

Good luck.

InterNACHI has a program that if you buy x amount of brochures from them, they will work with you to design a logo and Name free.

Ask at

Actually I do web work and design work as well, and I came up with this, what do you think?LogoProof.pdf (47.1 KB)

Not bad but you’re not “GOOD” you’re the best. :grinning:

And try to get your location in there. That will give you a lot of SEO.