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Hello Everyone,

My name is Tersoo Andrew and I joined this forum a few years ago. As a firm, we are currently looking towards launching the Commercial Inspections side of the business, starting 2022. I have inspected a number of residential buildings and now looking towards inspecting Commercial property as well. I have participated in a number of Building condition assessments around the Calgary Metropolitan area but will need guidance to win jobs and generally start up. I am reaching out to members of this forum to see if anyone is open to mentoring me especially if you are in the Calgary area. I studied Architecture at University and still in the process of being fully licensed Architect. If there is someone who is open to a ride along trip with me or willing to guide me through this transition - Please let me know if this is possible as this will assist me in ensuring that the transition is an absolute success.

Thank you so much in advance.

Tersoo Andrew Ityavyar
TD Inspections
Calgary AB
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“Commercial Inspections” is REALLY broad - are you talking a 600sf strip mall slip, an apartment building or a high-rise? I’m mainly residential but have done a lot of multi-family and some, what I’d call, light commercial - maybe something like an 8000sf restaurant.

The thing with commercial that is funny is that each building is typically setup for such a specific use (restaurant, autobody repair, medical, etc.) and you definitely need to disclaim all the specialized equipment. Usually, on triple-net leases the equipment isn’t part of it anyway but you need to be extra clear with clients as to what you are inspecting and what you are not.

Once the scope of the inspection is figured out I’ve found the inspections on commercial buildings to actually be pretty easy and more profitable. It’s a lot of same systems but usually with variations on what you’ll find in a house.

I admire you gumption to start out on this road, but a large part of commercial inspection is the knowledge contained between the ears of the assessor/authors. You won’t come close to learning that in ride alongs. It takes specific training and experience. I’ve worked for shops that don’t turn you loose until you’ve had 6 months of training. Not to mention gaining the ability to put together the excel templates and cost data for repairs and reserves, and doing an ADA assessment. Home inspection experience just isn’t enough. The reports and expectations are different.

It can be done the way you’re asking, but prepare yourself for a lengthy learning period. And it’s crucial to find a mentor willing to share it all.

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The ComSOP doesn’t require repair/cost estimates. Plus, according to the ComSOP ADA assessments are usually an additional service.

Finding a mentor would be most helpful, along with developing a team of consultants to learn from.

I understand that, but I don’t know of any lender, REIT, federal department, or investment group that would accept a commercial inspection without repair and reserve tables. In fact the MBA and CREF train their folks to include them in their scopes of work, and work the tables into their underwriting. Everybody in the industry does repair and reserve tables.

Thank you so much @mfellman for the feedback. I am looking towards inspecting recreational buildings, warehouses, multifamily residential and institutional buildings. I am open to inspecting a variety of commercial buildings, if possible. I am just looking for people who have gone before and willing to answer any questions I may have. Yes, the scope is definitely an item I will prefer to make clear right from the onset.

Thanks again!

Thank you Darren for your feedback. I understand the significance of having a Mentor to guide me on this road. I am looking for someone who is willing to provide such mentorship. I have been on a few assessment expeditions and know the requirements however never led such projects. Having a seasoned Mentor in my locality will help me solidify my skills and guide me to success.

Thanks again for you feedback!

Thank you @maey for your feedback - very helpful. I will continue to search for a Mentor in my locality - Calgary as I see this is very important towards succeeding as a Commercial Inspector. I will also look at consultants who I can rub minds and learn from.