Merged Comments in Paragraph

The latest version of HG has been changed so that comments merge into one paragraph. It only happens if you already have a comment in the box and add another to it. On the other hand, if you have blank comment and select multiple comments from the list, they are separated by paragraphs.

This update is actually costing me time since each of my comments has it’s own recommendation (required by SOP). It’s confusing for the reader if they’re all mashed together. Plus it’s inconsistent in HG when adding multiple comments to a blank tab.

Any plans on switching this back or giving us an option?

*In a previous thread a user generously showed us how to separate using HTML. However it would need to be done to each individual comment.

Correct. We have had just as many users that wanted it this way if not more. What you described is a way for both users to get what they want.

I’m not going to debate the sop requirement but I can certainly list out more than one defect and then recommend one time. Also the word mashed seems like an error but it looks no different than this paragraph.

I have noted with the developer that some still want an option.

Not if each canned comment has a recommendation. Well, not without going back and doing a lot of editing that would defeat the main purpose of having canned comments.

There’s a reason you replied with separate paragraphs. That’s what I would like to be able to do in HG. It used to be that way and it’s currently inconsistent. If you have a comment and add two more from global list, you have three items and two are “mashed” together. I’m surprised more people don’t notice this.

Thanks for keeping this on the radar. Looking forward to the option.

I understand that your comments have the recos in each. I was referring to your claim of a sop requirement.

Are you familiar with the itemize button? You can itemize with one click and that will automatically separate each comment and picture from another. Just curious if you use that feature as it looks and reads a lot better and eliminates the need to label pictures too.

Yes I’m very much familiar with itemizing. As we all know, not every item fits neatly in a single category. Hence the need for separate paragraphs in an item. HG already does this when you select multiple comments. Once again, it’s not consistent. If a comment is already there when you start you get a mix of combined and separated paragraphs. If the software can’t make up it’s mind then the inspector has to spend time fixing it.

Thanks again for hearing me out. As always, looking forward to the next version.