Merging reports - not correct

The report merge feature seems to be working improperly. We often have two or more guys work on a large house. If I am the lead inspector (A), and want to combined another report into mine (B), I should be able to do the following:

Download report B from the other inspector’s cloud.

Open my report A.

Select File, “Merge Report Into This Report”.

However, HomeGauge now replaces the customer and report info from report A with the info from Report B.

If the second inspector doesn’t fill out this info entirely the same, HomeGauge erases the info from report A.

Am I missing something?

I agree. It’s been this way forever and we plan to swap it next time we touch it. The last report coming over will take title. I think it should be opposite myself. So you would bring his report in first and any others. Then merge and bring in report A or the last report that has the desired inspector’s title.