Meritage Home builder's Inspector's agreement

Does the Meritage Home builder’s Inspector’s agreement bother you? I think they are the only builder in Houston does this.

Is there a way that I can attach a copy for members to see?

Post it somewhere (Drop Box, Google Docs, whatever) and send a link. They have changed and are not consistent across neighborhoods. I rarely get asked to sign one by Meritage. Ryland used to be the worst and I would not sign them. As Cal-Atlantic they’ve gotten rid of the really outlandish stuff and made them acceptible.

Yes when you post at the top of the edit screen is an “Attachments” button. Just select the local disk location and then file name and it will upload it.

It would be interesting to see what differences they might have in your area. Also the last I heard INACHI Legal Counsel was supposedly working on this issue.

I had one builder (can’t remember who it is) who came at me with a ridiculous agreement saying I had 1.5 hours to complete the inspection. I X’d that out and sent it back. The sales rep gave me a ration of s*** over it, but I did the inspection anyway.

Change what you don’t like. That is your right as a party to the agreement. If they balk, don’t do the inspection, and explain to your customer why you can’t.

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