Meritage Homes

Are there any TPREIA members that have signed documents with Meritage Homes to perform final inspections, agreeing to list Meritage as a certificate holder and deliver reports to Meritage within 2 business days?

i’m not TPREIA except thru nachi

Meritage or any other builder for that matter can & do on occasion legally stipulate who can enter their property
i always ask, “do you make potential buyers, clients, realtors, appraisers, or others from the general population that may come onto their jobsites provide ins. docs & sign this form?”
Q: why are inspectors singled out?
A: the only reason is too avoid the potential for full construction deficiency disclosure, client awareness & consumer protection
if your client grows a pair & tells Meritage to allow inspections or they’re walking from the deal watch how quick the door is opened for you without any further bs or the form signed
otherwise sign your rights & ins. policies away and absorb any & all liability regardless of who’s fault until the title transfers
consult your atty, e&o and gl provided for accurate answers for your biz model

i’ve inspected numerous phase w/no problemo & they have no signed docs from me

Thank you Mr. Adair. I had, and have no intention of signing their document.

Ditto what Barry said, but client’s typically don’t have the gonads to dig their heels in and/or walk away. They get caught up in the “pretty” of the house.

I shared the document with my attorney and he about fell off his chair laughing and said that I would not be signing that document until hades froze over.

Good thing is I’ve heard that most of the HIs around the D/FW market are not caving and being stupid about signing the Meritage document.

I will provide my GL COI, but will sign no documents, nor will I have them written into my COI. It’s a waste of my time when I can inspect another builder’s house. I tell the buyer that if they did not disclose or include those restrictions when you signed the contract of sale, they should tell them that you won’t accept them now. They don’t get to add terms and restrictions to the contract after its signed.

Ryland is the worst. They literally demand that you and your client give them permission to maim or kill you both with no civil recourse.

Thank you Mr. Evans for the information and the heads up with Ryland.

DO NOT sign that document. If you make them an additional insured on your insurance policy, you are allowing your insurance company and yourself all and any responsibility for their company under your policy for any reason. In other words, if someone sue’s them, you are accepting liability too. Not smart. They won’t do the same for you. Scratch out what you don’t agree with, initial and send back. It this does’t work, do not accept the job. I have seen Inspectors bankrupted over this issue.

Paul Roebuck
TPREIA Founding President

Spot on Barry, why would any inspector sign over insurance to a builder who carrys his own. Trendmaker wants the inspector to indemnify the builder. Horse hockey.
Each buyer must be ‘manned up’ but admittedly it takes time. Many don’t come over the NOT dark side because they have already put down much nonrefundable upgrade money AND you are not talking to the power in the family. She is not the one calling you usually.
I have had great success by simply ignoring the builder and doing the inspection anyway. Remember that our job is not to be an advocate for the buyer to the builder…it is to provide a condition report to the buyer or client.
Only once did I have a sales geek ask me to leave…it was a prepour inspection so we did it from the lot boundries…HEEHEE, NAANAA
The builders simply don’t want anyone looking at their stuff. Here is Houston the last 10 years have provided an overabundance of buyers and allowed the builders to forget how to spell customer service and quality control…sadly.

Thank you all for the sage advice.

Any other builders in DFW that I’m missing that require these forms? I know of Meritage, Ryland, and Standard Pac. over the past few years.

I always pass on them or do the inspection after closing to bypass the form and have the buyer submit repairs to warranty dept.