Meritless Lawsuits

Great gesture Nick. It’s nice to know you’ll drop everything on your own dime to defend the membership. I hope he would have at least bought you the best steak of your life afterwards! :slight_smile:

Just deliver the report on site
Solves the time issue every time

I’m “old school”. I do NOT do on-site reports / did that for 15 years untill we switched to computers … loved it BUT, not anymore. I tell buyers and REA’s they will have report within 2 work days. If I do job on Friday PM and I’m going to the Lake for the weekend, I guarantee by the following Tuesday (usually sooner BUT I have a life and I treat these like my engineer, doctor or attorney do).

In the KC area the standard contract gives a buyer 10 days to get inspections done and tell seller if something is UNACCEPTABLE, so unless buyer or his agent have waited till Day 9 or Day 10 … 2 work days works (usually next day).