Merrell, Bushart, Farsetta, Beaumont, Bell, Maietta, Bowman, Rowan, Ray.

Attention new-to-NACHI members:

I mentioned a few names (above) as examples of members who have or have had views I and/or others strongly disagree with.

Some new members of NACHI seem to think that they can errode my support for a member I disagree with, by pointing out (through an abundance of recent emails to me) the obvious… that I hold an opposing viewpoint.

I just want to inform such new-to-NACHI members that you are wasting your time typing… and my time deleting.

NACHI members disagree with each other, fight, even quit at times (so did the Founding Fathers of this country). Get used to it.

1/2 of it is often nothing more than thinking out loud sometimes.

Anyway… any NACHI member I strongly disagree with but who tries… really tries to help other NACHI members in a way they think best, will get my support, almost unconditionally… forever. These members can count on me forever, even while we’re screaming at each other.

New to NACHI members should not be rattled by this. It is nothing new.

Perfect Post

I am feeling so left out…:stuck_out_tongue:

What brought this about? I am lost.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON