Merrell Institute offering 140 hour NY State licensing course.

Here’s that damn commercial again. :roll:

I you buy within the next 30 minutes, you can get a FREE Plastic Cheese Cutter. The best part of the gift is it will NEVER rust!

I’ll be watching for a :30 spot during the Super Bowl! \:D/

140 Hour NY State Licensing Course Hudson Valley Area

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Pat Maietta

Yo, John. Isn’t this the “Education” forum?

Well yes it is Joe. How astute of you.

As it says at the top of this form.


Does this advertisement fit within the parameter’s of this forum?
“You be the judge”. :wink: **

Well, if one is a resident of NY State and one wants to ascertain where one might obtain the necessary schooling to qualify for a license, might one not venture to the Education forum to see what’s available?

Who said you had to be a resident of NY to go to this school. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :smiley: )

The NACHI Mall and the “Special offers” thread were created specifically for vendors, schools, etc. and their wares/services.

A prudent vendor would advertise in that section where their postings would more than likely remain at or near the top longer.


Game, set, match – Bowman! =D>


Everyone is free to make a $$ or two. I also think that this thread is the wrong place to do so. I have a real problem with schools in general. Education I have no problem with. Real simple - how many instructors are “licenced” HI’s in NY???

In short – is the school in 140 hrs turning out HI’s or someone who is legal to say and practice as one??

I would like to see the pass fail numbers.

In other words are we trying to make a $ or are we making a product??

Maybe the next post will be over in the inspectors mall


It’s just spama.gif that’s all, get used to it

Isn’t the whole point of a message board to get information out? Members ask me questions in multiple fora.

As you will see, I took John Bowmans advise, send information concerning the program to Colorado, and did not post it. It appears on whats new and Nick linked it to education.

If you are suggesting that my school performed a type of spam, you must see if the school posted it or not. In this case my school did not post this. We sent information to NACHI, to benefit those inspectors who still need education. Nick posted it for those inspectors who still need education to become licensed in New York State.


Yes, we know Nick did it but we all ready have him scheduled in the dunk tank for the foundation. So we have to pick on someone else.

Are you coming down for the convention??


Bill, I just don’t understand. First you get beat up over the licensing issue, then you get beat up over the school…

Whats with you, do you have that kind of a face or something !!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Good Point Mickey- First I am told my school won’t be approved, then when it is, I am told not to tell anyone about it, and when I go through channels, I am still told that even though I went through channels, it’s shouldn’t be listed at all.

Well, I can still take credit for completing the first program (Modules 1, 2,3,4) in the New York Metropolitan Area in 2006. They finished yesterday!!!

And I am hoping everyone of these students joins NACHI!