Merrica Fcck YA

!995 home Scottsdale :roll:

well that certainly isn’t pex…

Been 22 years. It’s not leaking. Passed the test of time. Isn’t that the BS mantra that many inspectors like to spout off? So, what’s yer problem?

IKR Jeffrey… :cool:

When I pointed it out to the Realtor they just went “Ah fcck…”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Polybutylene pipe has such a bad reputation that it does not matter if it is leaking or not, and the rep does not get better with time

Here they put those manifolds (maniblocks tm) as a last gasp to try and convince the public that poly pipe was ok. I don’t see them very often anymore.

If it was me buying the home I would have it repiped with PEX.