Merry Christmas, and thank you

I was reading over some of the posts you guys have written about me, our software and website hosting lately and it got me thinking.

You guys are great. If it wasn’t for all the guys like you then our program wouldn’t be so great. I think the truth of it is that being the owner and the main programmer has huge advantages in this environment. Because I have such a great relationship with so many of you and look forward to talking to you and working for you, it makes me enjoy my work and programming so much more. I look forward to work! Because of that, even more gets done.

It just wouldn’t be the same without my daily dose of the Bob & Linas show, comments from Marcel, Russ, Dave, Drew, Mike, Mark, Bob and all the rest of you. Even you Newland! :shock:

So for that, I’m truly grateful. :mrgreen: Thank you guys for being so helpful over the years, especially you Nick! I owe a lot to NACHI.TV and your help giving me a push in the beginning.

One way to judge a type of report system is this… Do you look forward to creating a report or do you dread it? I still look forward to opening HIP and creating the best report I can. Its 1/2 of our product (the other being our inspection) and the clients love the reports. If you don’t look forward to the report writing its time to think about switching to HIP.

Hmm, where did all the replies go?

Sorry, I am knee deep in a strip club report that I would only want to tackle with HIP…how’s that?:mrgreen: I have owned 3D and HG, so it is hard to push the spin on me. I speak from experience.-X

Thanks for the kind words D, and Merry Christmas.

You double posted (you even got me confused :margarit:) But as you were saying, I agree, HG ROCKS:D

I am sure Linas will follow with comments about Santa being on meds anytime now.:slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing the banner.

DOH! Ok, move to the other post, loll.

That’s because you took 500 pictures of the strippers. You won’t finish for a week.

Dominic, I want to say thank you for giving me the ability to spend more time with my family. Your software has helped cut my report time if 1/2. Giving me the ability to spend more time with my 3yr old son & my wife. Happy holidays & have a happy new year.

Wohoo! That’s what I love to hear. That makes everything worth it. I’m very glad to have helped Jerry and thanks for referring that inspector to us a few days ago.

Your very welcome & there will be more referrals to come! :twisted:
I’m going to endorse your software @ our next chapter meeting! :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome. Thanks!

Bob, if you believe you’re Santa that’s fine. I believe you. ;);)Please get some help with your “issues” after the holidays.:wink: