Merry Christmas, and thank you

I was reading over some of the posts you guys have written about me, our software and website hosting lately and it got me thinking.

You guys are great. If it wasn’t for all the guys like you then our program wouldn’t be so great. I think the truth of it is that being the owner and the main programmer has huge advantages in this environment. Because I have such a great relationship with so many of you and look forward to talking to you and working for you, it makes me enjoy my work and programming so much more. I look forward to work! Because of that, even more gets done.

It just wouldn’t be the same without my daily dose of the Bob & Linas show, comments from Marcel, Russ, Dave, Drew, Mike, Mark, Bob and most of the rest of you. Even you Newland! :shock: I consider you all close friends.

So for that, I’m truly grateful. :mrgreen: Thank you guys for being so helpful over the years, especially you Nick! I owe a lot to NACHI.TV and your help giving me a push in the beginning.

Thanks Dom. You and your crew deserve the praise you get from us HIPpies

Happy Hoidays to you Dominic, and I appreciate all the help that you and Dan have given to me so far and I am pretty sure that you will be hearing from me again before too long, thanks again,


Thanks Dom! Somebody has to occasionally stir the figgy puddin’! :smiley: Merry Christmas to you!!

(Hey that :shock: resembles the logo dude ;-))

LOL, they have the same eyes! I wonder if they’re related? :shock:

I must admit your price is easier to swallow then HG.

Less than the price of one inspection you could, or could have, had the best :mrgreen:.

(Sorry Dom, back to the Christmas truce ;-). Silent night for me from here on out… until after Christmas:shock: )


Thanks. We’re able to keep it lower because we have really efficient tech support and guys don’t have to call for questions very often :wink:

Dom, I am still trying to figure out how to change this template for my report.Can I change it and sent it with a email to my client or should I keep faxing?

Just send it via carrier pigeon like you did last time.

Thanks Dom for all you have done. I will be forever in graditude for all that you provide.
HIP is the best around in my book, and forever will broadcast it’s adaptability and useability to the users.

Wish you and yours the best Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to come.

I have never had the good fortune to meet or even speak with Dominic, but I feel he is mostly to blame for this…

For you see from almost the first day of using HIP products and services, my business has increased exponentially. While I cherish our few Google chats and email exchanges, I hope that someday I can take a break to meet Dom, give him some cookies, and buy him a beer.
His websites and report software are so very easy to use and manipulate. I fully endorse HIP and recommend the products and services to all my students as well.

Merry Christmas Dominic and to all my friends and family here as well.

Hey Dom,
It was great meeting you this past summer at your SEO class & I hope it will happen again next summer.

Merry Christmas & may you have a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

There is no better report system, hands down. How can you beat the adaptability of the templates, price, and outstanding tech support!??! :slight_smile:

I thought Bob was still firing his reports via potato gun…:wink:

Thanks for all you do for us Dom. Merry Christmas.

Thank you Dom and all your staff.
Merry Christmas.


What everyone else said and more!!!