Merry Christmas from the south Florida party pirate

Merry Christmas from the south Florida clandestine FM pirate Radio Station
Yes! Rock on


On my way.

100000 Watt and Kicking It Up. Anyone want to hear a platter

The party pirate is here to stay. Absolutely

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Merry Christmas right back at you, Roy

Merry Christmas Roy! Whatcha playing?

Classic rock until they shut me down. I just built this 10000k FM broadcaster today. It rocks. Onward through the fog.

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It took me three months to build this 10K. But it is good. Rock on!

Merry Christmas Mr. Lewis!

Mister has good Sir be more appropriate. LOL

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Fine, Sir Roy! :grinning:

If anyone can tune in to 93.5 on the coast of South Florida. You will hear us.

You went thru this broadcast already with your secret admirer.
Give 'em hell Sir Roy!

Happy Hanukkah to you my brother. I love you.
They may shut me down and they probably will. But the thing will broadcast the hell out of it for hours and hours on end

The party pirate is here and he is never left.
I may have gotten a lot older. Yes! But I can still build excellent FM transmitters. The new one has ports to be able to do blogs on the internet. Cool yeah!

You know me too good Marc.
I worked on this FM broadcasting for years. My wife went into my shop she came in two hours early on me today… Solder smoke and all that and she said what are you doing Dad. I said Mom I’m making an FM broadcast station again. She says didn’t you learn from the last time when the FCC shut you down. I told her I didn’t learn anything. I’m a firm believer that if the waves of frequency go to throughout all over our bodies. Then we should be able to do this without having to mess with them stupid crap that at the fcc makes us go through.
Does anyone agree with me.

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Merry Christmas Roy!

No reception here on my Magnum.
Are you FLPRS-low power without a repeater?