Merry Christmas (here: is your present)

Not sure who posted this last year,but it is worthy to be an annual addition to this board.

Be sure to hit slideshow for the full audio effect.
click on the wiki link to view and open the powerpoint.

Very nice, Merry Christmas.

Wonderful ChristmasTime

Snow Miser - Heat Miser

Christmas Time is Here Song


Thanks Robert :slight_smile:


Thanks Robert & Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Guys.

Two of my favorite Christmas songs…

Mariah at the 2008 Grammys (watch it in High Quality at the bottom right of the screen).

Feed the world

Here’s couple of Xmas ditties courtesy Wizzard & Slade (British bands 1970’s)


Merry Christmas everyone



Charlie Brown and the Meaning of Christmas

I had saved it from someone also Bob, it is an excellent song and graghic display for this time of year.

Thanks for showing it again.

Marcel :):smiley:

Who ever posted it did not know where it came from either, but I recall marveled at the time spent creating it.

Here’s your answer, Bob.

Well, now I know where it came from.

Thanks again Erby, and now I know why I have a Power Point Viewer on my Programs. :):D;)

Thanks Erby
Did you ever find out who created it?

No, it was one of those “sent to me in an e-mail” things that had been forwarded untold times.

This year I sent an e-mail to all my past clients with a link to this on my website:

Hi Ella,

I just wanted to take a minute of your time at Christmas to say:

For those who celebrate it with me:


For those who celebrate in other ways:


I also wanted to share “So This is Christmas” with you.

It’s a beautiful Christmas Song and Pictures Power Point Presentation that I’ve uploaded to my web server so I didn’t clog up your e-mail with it.

Click the Picture to see: ”So This is Christmas”](

If you don’t have Power Point you can download a free Power Point Viewer from Microsoft here:
Microsoft Power Point Viewer

**As always, if you know someone buying or selling a home or just needing some maintenance advise, please give them my name. **
AND, if they mention my Christmas Card, I’ll give them $10.00 off the price of the inspection!

If I can help you with a questions, or you need further information, please contact me on my cell phones at 502-570-4054 or 859-797-3873.

Best regards,

Erby Crofutt
B4U Close Home Inspections & Radon Testing
Georgetown, KY

B4U Close Blog by Erby, the Central Kentucky Home Inspector

About 900 e-mails with about 300 clicks on the presentation.
Gotta stay in touch with those past clients.
Wow, posting that here sure screwed up the formatting of the e-mail.

I wanted to do the same thing ,but never mass e-mailed before,and did not get a list together,so that is one of my next projects.

Looks like I am still a newbie on many subjects of marketing.

Come on now, Bob.

HomeGauge makes it easy for me to export my client list, including e-mail addresses, to a CSV file that’ll load into Excel.

Then I use Word to Mail Merge to individual e-mails personalized for each person: “Hi Ella”.

From there, it’s just hit the send button and away they go.

I’ll bet if you check with Dominic, you can use HIP to export your client list and do the same thing.

Once you’ve actually written the original e-mail you can wack out a couple thousand e-mails in just a minute or two with Mail Merge in Word.

Try it. You’ll like it. Just make sure you purge those you don’t want to send it to out of the CSV File.