Message board back up.

Updates successful. Enjoy.

Email me if you experience any issues.


There are still some minor issues. I’m working on them right now.


It’s a good thing you got it back up and running.
Michael Larson was showing signs of withdrawal.

The only way I can read someone’s post is to click their name and then find all post by them.

I then have to log in each time LOL!!!:smiley:

I’ve been gone all day. What about you? :wink:

ok here is a problem I have just encountered
When I log in and check “remember me” it does not remember me:shock:

I have win 7


But you got back almost 2.35 hours before me!:smiley:

Nick and Chris,

MB still broken. Got a error message when I was trying to upload pics when starting a new thread.

What are you doing, trying to keep up with Facebook?

What is the error message? Works fine for me.



Based on the picture of Nick, I think it is still broken :slight_smile:


There goes your promotion from Turd to maggot. LOL:D

Oh crap - I was so looking forward to a new title.