Message board idea

Nick says its a requirement for members to post to the board after taking a NACHI course. Thats all well and good, but why don’t all those posts go automatically to a special section of the board so we all don’t have to see them or deal with them?

Great idea I like this .

They are theoretically supposed to all be made in our Education forum.

Perhaps they should fail the exam if they can’t follow simple directions…

I can’t even get some of our students to find the big, blue NEXT button at the bottom of every page of our inspection courses.

A lot of people join InterNACHI with the intent of becoming a home inspector, start taking the courses, realize how much they are going to need to know, flunk quiz after quiz, and then finally decide that the profession isn’t really for them. We don’t let them ever become visible, we take their money, we spend their money on for our members, and we wish them well in whatever new career they choose.

Most universities operate similarly. Compare the size of their freshman classes to their graduating classes.

How about a direct link that takes 'em to it

There already is.

Wait until they get lost in a crawlspace.

This is 2015 almost 2016. If they can not use a message board, probably not going to be doing many inspections. Just saying today you have to have some technological abilities.

Chris should have it set up so they go directly to the education forum, so it will clean up the board.

Don’t hold your breath Mark…

I have a great idea!
Let throw Jeffrey R. Jonas off the MB…LOL! That will clean it up a LOT!:smiley:
Anyone second the motion…Hehe!

I strongly agree. The “Education and Training” and “Student Discussions” both should be on a different site, Not on this message board.

Good point Chris. I don’t care where, just move them all.

Actually Nick I have to disagree. Most universities now a days take their money, put them in a touchy feely course and after three years of bong study kick them out the door with an entitlement attitude and a diploma in community organizing.


Idea: We were all new at least once in our lives. Your patience and understanding will only help someone become better.

This is true. But has nothing to do with two threads that are “trashing” the message board. 90% of the time the OP post something (as required by course) and you never here from them again.

I learned how to follow basic instructions when I was about 5.

Give them their own section and just make it so it will not post unless they follow the directions. A window can pop up telling them that they did not follow the directions and to try again,…until they get it right. Seems simple. :wha?: