Message board in foreign language

Somehow everything on the board is in some language I don’t know. Since I can’t read it, I don’t know how to change it back.
Help, I need to read in English!
I can’t understand the header of this topic. I only know where to post out of memory of what buttons to push
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Goto control panel…far left button in blue bar at the top of this page…then at the bottom of that page is a button in a blue box…second white button… that on your settings probably says french? On mine that button says english…but I’m not clicking it! :smiley:

I just click on this post to see what was going on and it came up in French and immediately went back to English. Something may be amiss.

What are you drinkin’?

I’ve been telling you guys not to trust the Frogs!

Vous avez trouvé la langue française .

Go to control panel and change back to US English … :slight_smile:

Bud light. …I just tried to call and left a message. …then sent him an email.

Ha! I bet a lot folks don’t get that :wink:

—>>>"bottom+left+corner+second+dropdown+window+from+left"+English%2FFrench <<<—

yeah fixed!!

Pretty cool however you did that :slight_smile:

But being born and raised in Quebec… I do not need Google… at least not for that.

I found it strange you guys were typing instructions he could not read at the time.:slight_smile:
He could have just opened the site on another device of course.

Also when he posted did he see it in English ?