editing Question

I’ve been trying to edit a few things in this file but it won’t let me save it.
I could do it in Win 8, but 10 say not allowed.
I am the administrator.
What up with that?

Never mind…I figured it out.

What was it?

I changed “Age of Home " To " Age of Building”… It wouldn’t let me cage it to " Age of Structure" and that is what I wanted Mr. Nosey!
Why ? I dunno! But Building is OK!

I meant what was the fix for the difference between W8 an 10.

An administrative change.

You can definitely change it to Age of Structure if you wanted! If it was a permissions issue, it had nothing to do with the content itself.

As was mentioned above, it’s a permissions issue that doesn’t allow you to save the file. This is Windows trying to protect you from yourself (thanks Microsoft?). The easiest way to avoid this is to take the file, then copy it to a location such as your desktop. Open the copied file in Notepad, make your changes, then Save. Once done, copy the file back to the Lib folder and overwrite the existing file.

I knew it! Damned lefties gotta get their fingers into everything!!! :razz:

Since Lib is short for Libraries, I assume it was related to the global cabal of librarians trying to sabotage us all. They do control all the information…

Thank you.

But it is only the Left handed ones that have gone rogue and are to be concerned with. :razz: