Meta Keywords

They say your not suppose to stuff your meta tag keyword data with only keywords, but I see it done all the time & it seems to be working for others. What is the best way to do a meta tag data about your website?

I don’t think it matters at all. MHO.

You want to have keyword phrases. For example Detroit Home Inspector, Home Inspections in Ann Arbor, Radon in Flint, etc. Keep at most 5 phrases on each page and try not to replicate words. The words MUST be in the body of the text too or they have no effect. As Nick mentioned, some search engines are ignoring keyword phrases (or at least greatly reducing their impact) but others do still look at them.


exactly how big can your meta keyword file be? how many words and phrases can you use before they not longer become effective?

I’ve never hear it call a file…But I’m old!
If too many M tags you will freak the spiders and robots out.
So! Use only the important ones and don’t be a pig at that.

Its thye less is more approach. I mostly ignore them and started aa blog instead.

KISS, keep it simple stupid… I agree with Paul, write articles and information to potential customers. Use your keywords and phrases there in context with the theme of your article.

Meta keywords are ignored by Google and most other search engines. When it mattered it was extremely important NOT to stuff them. I still would keep it to 5 keywords phrases max.