Metal roof add-on

Just inspected a house today for the owner - older metal roof which is about 1:12 slope where an addition was built and the addition’s roof is 3:12 slope. I wanted to get opinions on the seam where they transitioned from old to new.

On the second picture the lap on the lower piece of sheet metal, near the cap on the angled roof, is the wrong way. The sealer will fail after awhile.

If the cap has a good lap between the two roofs then it should be fine.

If the cap is pitched down than the lap is also the wrong way.

I wish I could give you some help but your pics do not describe the problem enough.I see the old roof had 2 planes and the new roof with 1.If the installer had experience then he would have counter flashed it so even wind blown weather would not penetrate the gaps.
Next time please post all the pictures so we can get a better understanding of what whole picture looks like.Meaning the entire roof system.