Metal Roofing

Has anyone ever encountered this type of roofing?
Metal roofing that installs similar to siding. Pieces are about the same size and configuration…

I found it…

Yipper high $$$$ only on high end homes here
I think the product is called DECRA. shingle profile.

Pretty common in my neck of the woods. It’s a good quality roof covering.

Just about every Burger King in this area has metel roofing like that - but without the granules.

Same here.
I come across all types of metal roofing (steel, copper, tinned copper, etc…)

First time I have seen DECRA on a residential Roof.
Thanks for the help Kevin.

Someday I would like to put DECRA panels on my roof in Fort Pierce, FL!

It is gaining in popularity in Montreal.
Did you look at the vertical sidewall.
Suspect: Deficient side wall flashing lap. Open and exposed to weather infiltration.
Also the metal tile that is next to that open flashing looks deficient. Zoomed in but pixelation is distorting the image.

I see a few here and most are poorly Installed they should have avalanche guards as they are prone to lose the snow in one fell swoop .
Off go the gutters

Many hurt and many damaged cars destroyed decks too .

steel roof.jpg

Unless it’s on a steep pitch… where snow load is an issue it’s not as good as a nice, slippery smooth, standing seam, as stone coating holds the snow.

Decra is OK as Nick has pointed out. The stuff that is on Burger King is not the same. If it is shinny it can even be the synthetic or plastic ones.

Excellent point Nick. Pitch.
A well insulated roof defends the roof deck agents ice buildup. The structure against vertical live loading.
The one big issue is cost. Reclaimed Copper is $6 dollars a pound in Montreal Quebec.
Standing seam is relatively more expensive than DECRA and the avalanche guards are hand made in tin shops.
No comparison on looks.
It lasts 50 years. When maintained it can go 100 years.

I will have some roofing metal patterns for InterNACHI members in the early months of 2012. I will have articles provided by a material fabrication company I have been dealing with for over 30 years helping me get information out to the inspection community.
Its in the works a month now.:slight_smile:
Love to see a roofing thread hint hint.:slight_smile:
Mr. Cyr can carry the thread Nick " oh grand master of free home inspection education that put the other (pay for) educators to their knees.":mrgreen:
It is the buildings defense against vertical weather intrusion and an extremely important system. JMO

Cost about 3 times a regular roof .
Most people in Canada live in the home for 8 years .
A home with steel roofs do not sell for any more money.
Most are no installed correctly .
I would not pay the extra for a steel roof .

Save your money .

I would agree with Robert. Roofing is the first line of defence against harsh weather lets get a thread started on roof flashing and shingle design. Roy is right on the cost and this should only be considered for people planning to stay put.

I’d like to see a whole forum section dedicated just to roofing.

I’ll second that motion!


We had it put on the Church a couple years ago looks good and is big $$$

just gotta worry about the flashing details and the installers!