Metalbestos flue pipe

Inspection this morning. A wood stove located basement is connected to Selkirk stainless steel metalbestos flue pipe. The flue penetrates the block foundation wall BELOW GRADE and runs vertically about 2 feet before emerging from the ground. It then runs vertically at the side of the home with normal above roof termination. Does anyone here know of flue standards that apply to this unusual installation? Moisture, corrosion, leakage, etc are some of the potential issues.

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metalbestos 003.jpg

Well to start with it is suposed have 2 inches from combustibles MULCH is wood . I would call a supplier and ask about being buried It is probably not designed or made for that. Just when you think you seen it all , Then poof another one pops up .

Remember to contact your local code office before proceeding with your installation. Some counties have abnormal requirements for clearances, and even types required for your appliance.

Some clearances that may differ from county to county are:

Clearance to windows/doors/air inlets

**Clearance from the ground **

Clearance from a sidewalk/path

Minimum roof termination distance (How far the pipe is above)


What i am wondering if there is covering flue pipe being buried Marcel, No way of checking when it rust out. Then there would be a problem with carbon monoxide .
This should interesting in the different views .

Wayne, I would have a hard time to believe that this installation is right.
Someone would have to work hard to convince me also.

It is just plain wrong, and don’t care if it is made of stainless steel, but the joints are not waterproof, they are water resistant to proper above ground installation. :):smiley:

Yes i was thinking that myself. I never seen it before and i have seen some strange things around here.

That is an odd one.

I’d just call it too close to combustibles, refer it out, and be on my way but I am curious what possessed them to install it like that.

I think I found it here;;_ylu=X3oDMTBzZWRva3RlBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMjEEY29sbwNhYzIEdnRpZAM-/SIG=128eqei1o/EXP=1255567507/**http%3A//

12" ground clearance required. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel
Just added that to the old collection.

Your more than welcome my friend. Just hope it helps others. :slight_smile:

It may be different for a wood burner than the corn/pellet stove info posted but it still isn’t right the way it is buried.

Hi John,

I have never seen a Wood Stove here, but that is certainly an odd configuration—:smiley:

Thanks for the information. I had to release the report before your post, but I did refer the flue installation to a qualified stove or chimney installation company. I know there is a good chance that corrosion and/or leakage has occurred in the buried section. The original installation was at least 11 years ago according to the owner. Must have been an amateur installation.